Excavation Robert

is a privately owned, well established contractor, with over 20 years experience. We pride ourselves on all of our customer relationships, our trusted employees, dedicated subcontractors and suppliers, which result in our ability to provide a formula of continued hard work, guaranteed quality, and satisfaction. We are known for providing a superior service, delivered reliably and at the right price.

With our team of professionals, our level of experience is unrivaled. It is our policy to only employ people passionate about, and committed to, our work.

You can rely on us for all stages of the process, from planning, design, to the finish product, and on-going maintenance (if required). We stride to provide you with a hassle and headache-free project from start to finish.

You will be dealing with an environmentally-conscious contractor. We strive to provide sustainable construction, and aim to deal the least amount of impact on the surroundings and communities where we work.